Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Gator Nation Is EVERYWHERE!!

A few years ago my college started this ad campaign about the Gator Nation. The idea was every where you go in the world, every profession you can find a representative from the University of Florida. I knew coming into PC that I would be working with one UF grad along side me, but I never imagined in my wildest dreams we would meet someone who was born in Namibia and went to school at UF the SAME TIME we did! Here is the story..

I spent last weekend in Katima Mulilo and to get back to my site, Rundu, we must depend on the generosity of others to give us a lift since we are not allowed to have a car. This transport can come in the form of a private car or a combi (14 passenger van). This Sunday we got lucky and got a ride in a private car. We got in a were introducing ourselves and the man asked where we were all from. When we, my fellow UF grad and I, told him we were from Florida he told us he studied there. When we found out he was a PhD. student at UF my friend and I started bombarding him with questions. His favorite place to eat? Where his classes were? Did he ever go to games? The answers in case you are wondering... Zaxby's, Norman Hall, and of course!! The question and answer portion went on for about 3 hours. He is back and working in Namibia, but still thinks fondly of UF. We were telling him all the changes that have happened to Gainesville since he left in 2006. There is something special about meeting someone across the world who went to the same school as you. Needless to say it was great to see the Gator Nation in Namibia!

We took a picture in Divundu a town half-way between Katima and Rundu!

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